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"...thousands of people work, produce and make savings despite of what ones can do to try to discourage them, stop them or just annoy them. Those people are inspired by a natural vocation which goes far beyond the reach of the mere profit.

The taste and the pride of seeing their companies growing, getting proper credit, inspiring trust in a larger number of customers, building new facilities, is for those people a boost as strong as the profit itself..." by Luigi Einaudi (Former President of the Republic of Italy, 1948)

This is not just a statement for us: it's one of the main concept on which Next Steel was founded.

Amotivated management made of specialists stepped ahead and joined us.

Aproject based on common ideas and integrated competences, with the wish to deliver value add for our customers by creating a chain value.

This is the trail that we want to keep.

Pls join us !

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